About Me

Since April 2009, I am a professor at the Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Muenster, Germany. On this website you find information on my professional activities.
My research deals with intelligent representation and reasoning on spatial information. I investigate human strategies to organize and process spatial knowledge about environments and aim to learn from these to enhance the usability of spatial information with cognitively inspired computational models. The research is carried out in the  Spatial Intelligence Lab.

Contact Address

Institute for Geoinformatics
University of Muenster
Heisenberstr. 2
48149 Münster, Germany

room: 118
fon: +49 (251) 83-33059
fax: +49 (251) 83-39763
Email: schwering [AT] uni-muenster.de

contact hours:
in the semester: on appointment
in the semester break: on appointment