Seminar Human Computer Interaction & Usability Engineering

Organizational Issues

Lecturer Angela Schwering
Course Homepage Google Group (including course material)
Course material can be found on the password protected google group homepage. Please apply for permission to access on the Google group website.
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Module, Credit Points BSc Geoinformatik, Geoinformatik 6
MSc Geoinformatics, Advanced Topics of GIS
MSc Geoinformatics, Applications in GIS
MSc Geospatial Technologies, Modul 5 "Seminarin GI"
Diplom Geoinformatik, Modul 10
Landscape Ecology / Geography
Time, Place Wednesday, 16:15 - 17:45, RvE seminar room
Course Syllabus The field "human-computer interaction and usability engineering" deals with the user-centered design of human-computer interfaces and different approaches to test and improve usability of software. The course covers topics such as:
  • Design of user interfaces to ensure high degree of usability. We learn about human perception as well as design guidelines for software development.
  • Test the usability of software. The course gives an overview of different ways to test usability such as focus groups, questionnaires, user tests, walkthroughs etc.
  • How to integrate usability in the software engineering process. Usability testing occurs during the whole development cycle: from the conceptual design, the development until the testing of the final product.
The seminar is divided in a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part consists of lectures as well as student presentations and discussions in class. In the practical part at the end of the semester, we conceive and conduct a usability test. Depending on their background, the participants focus on software from GI Science, application systems or psychological aspects.
Informal Course Description Please follow this link for an information Course Description.
Course Material The course is based on the text book:
J. Nielsen: Usability Testing, Morgan Kaufman

Additional Literature:
S. Hein: The Resonant Interface - HCI Foundations for Interaction Design
Course Requirements In order to get a certificate you need to:
  • prepare one presentation per student
  • prepare 3-5 page abstract of own presentation. Abstract + Presentation must be handed 2 days before presentation.
  • read every abstract before the presentation
  • participation is practical work
  • active oral participation in discussions
Grades will be determined by your presentation (20%), the abstract (20%), your usability study (20%), and your general class participation (20%). Class participation is mandatory (you will not be given a certificate / grade if missing class more than twice).